Lyzy Lusterman

how to restring your ukulele

How to Choose (and Install) a New Set of Strings for Your Ukulele

After a ukulele is built, the biggest impact on its tone (besides the player) is the choice of strings. There are a variety of different string types from which to choose and the strings you like best on one ukulele might not be your choice on another uke, so don’t be afraid of restringing to find the right string for you and your uke.... Read More...
Learning from Leadbelly_lil-rev

Shutdown Skills Series: Blues Up Your Ukulele

With almost every ukulele club in the world singing songs identified with Lead Belly, like “Goodnight Irene,” “Midnight Special,” and “Rock Island Line,”we’re left with one simple question: What if the 12-string guitar-slinging Lead Belly had been a ukulele player?... Read More...