We’ve been busy stocking the Ukulele store with awesome products sourced from artisans around the world and are excited to share our latest finds with you. Today, meet the  ‘Ukulele Convention’ Tea Towel! We instantly fell in love with this collection of cheerful ukes – made in the UK on 100% cotton – and also with the makers behind this scene, Mel and Bec of MelonMouth. Read our Q & A with the delightful team to learn more about the product and their story. Then, head over to the Ukulele store to get your very own towel!


Q & A With MelonMouth


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself; how did you get started on your artistic journey?


MEL: I’m a book cover designer and illustrator living in London, I’ve loved drawing as long as I can remember and have always known I want to have a creative job. So, I did an art foundation course and then got a degree in Graphic arts after leaving school.
BEC: I’m a graphic designer, also currently living in London, and I took a pretty different route to get to where I am now. I’ve also always loved drawing and painting, but once I finished school I set off traveling around the world, working in lots of different jobs before settling in Australia and doing a diploma in business and marketing. What interested me most through working in this field was how things were visually communicated so I went on to study graphic design.



Q: What inspires your creativity? Any particular artists you admire?


MEL: I look at artists and illustrators every day (mainly through Pinterest, Instagram and blogs) so my favorites are always changing. I make mood boards or print out things that inspire me and stick them on the wall where I can see them.
BEC: Similar to Mel, I’m inspired all the time by so many different things around us. One of my favorite artists is Mel, of course!
Bec and Mel of MelonMouth


Q: Do you play an instrument? What music and musicians brighten your day?


MEL: I can play the piano and the flute from childhood lessons and can just about play a couple of tunes on the uke!
BEC: I can play the piano and cello, and one of my goals this year is to start playing them again more! I love listening to music of all kinds and have a really wide taste: classical, alternative, pop, blues, and love a bit of old school rap too. We grew up listening to a lot of Motown so it always makes me smile hearing some of those classics.


Q: What makes your shop and designs unique and special?


MEL: I think a sense of joy and fun in what we’re doing — it’s personal — and there’s a story behind a lot of our work. For example, the reason I drew the ‘Ukulele Convention’ was for a friend who’s obsessed with ukes – he introduced us to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and gave me a uke for a wedding present!
BEC: Yeah, what Mel said! It’s special for us (after living in separate countries for almost 15 years) to be doing something together. We enjoy creating quirky fun designs and hope it puts a smile on other people’s faces too.


We’re so excited to have the gals of MelonMouth as apart of our artistic family. Make sure to head over to the Ukulele Store to check out the adorable tea towel!