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VIDEO: Watch Herb Ohta Jr. and Bryan Tolentino Play the Ukulele Festival Hawaii

VIDEO: Watch Herb Ohta Jr. and Bryan Tolentino Play the Ukulele Festival Hawaii

Roy Sakuma's 45th annual Ukulele Festival Hawaii took place in Waikiki this past July, and Sakuma has posted a number of performance videos recorded at the renowned event. This video features Herb Ohta Jr. and Bryan Tolentino (joined by Halehaku Seabury) performing three songs from their new album, Ukulele Friends: "Manuela Boy," "In a Little [...]

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The Aloha Spirit: Exploring Oahu With Eddie Kamae, Kalei Gamiao, and More Ukulele Idols

Ukulele virtuoso Eddie Kama

It’s my last day on Oahu, and the mid-morning sky is beginning to mist.  I think I might cry, too. My entire trip has led to this interview with the legendary Eddie Kamae—a ukulele virtuoso and founding member of Sons of Hawaii, a leading force in the Hawaiian cultural renaissance, and an octogenarian who traveled remote [...]

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End of Summer Ukulele Blowout in SoCal

End of Summer Ukulele Blowout in SoCal

On Saturday, August 29, our friends Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward will be throwing an End of Summer Ukulele Blowout at the E.P. Foster Library in historic downtown Ventura, California. The free family-friendly event, which will take place from 1 to 5 pm, includes beginner and intermediate workshops, along with lots of jamming and singing. To get you [...]

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Check Out This Sweet Uke Arrangement of the Beatles’ ‘Honey Pie’


Isreal-based uke performer and teacher Elad David recently shared this gem of a video on our Facebook page, writing "Finally, after a long time that I didn't upload a new arrangement, here it is. My arrangement for 'Honey Pie' (Beatles) for ukulele." We think Paul McCartney—who penned the old-timey song for the Beatles' White Album, and [...]

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A Guide to Four Basic Moveable Dominant Chords

Uke Basics

By Alec “Cheef” Poletsky A dominant chord is rarely written as “dominant” (for example, C dominant 7 or F dom 7). Instead, you’ll see it notated as a chord name followed by a number (such as C7, D11, or E13). To keep things simple, I’ll discuss only the basic dominant-chord voicings, or “seven” chords. Dominant [...]

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The 4 K’s: Get to Know Hawaii’s Most Distinguished Ukulele Builders

Dennis Hermano, left, and Albert Tagama work in KoAloha’s factory.

By Adam Perlmutter Since the 1990s boom, the ukulele has become a global phenomenon, enthusiastically played by musicians everywhere from Great Britain to Thailand, in an incredible range of contexts. Meanwhile, the ukulele is still thriving in its place of origin, Hawaii, where it maintains its status as the state instrument. It’s hardly surprising that [...]

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