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Tiki Madness: A New Box Set Spans Eight Decades of Hawaiian Music

Hulaland- The Golden Age of Hawaiian Music Ukulele Magazine Review

by Kenny Berkowitz If four discs of hula kitsch sounds like a lot, well, it is. But the good news about the new Hulaland: The Golden Age of Hawaiian Music box set is that it’s not too much, even if there are multiple versions of “Hawaiian War Chant” (Andy Iona & His Islanders, Ken & [...]

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#ThrowbackThursday To My First Ukulele


For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I wanted to make a personal post. After playing guitar for many years, I fell in love with vintage Hawaiian music back in the mid-’90s. Soon after I began digging into the amazing music, I got the idea that picking up a ukulele might be a great way to bring me closer [...]

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Kittens, Cats, Felines and Their Pet Ukuleles: Photos

Cathy Frahme.One can never have too many ukes or cats. Well, ukes anyway. Muzby, Angel and Marshmallow with my Koaloha soprano,  Rubin pocket uke and my pride and joy,  Martin

We had so many great photo submissions of ukuleles and pets that we couldn't fit them all into one spread in the Spring issue (see below). Stay tuned for your dog and other pet photo submissions to appear on the blog! Want to submit for the summer issue? Email us your best photos of you wearing a [...]

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Wishing You Were at Mardi Gras? Watch This Ukulele Cover of ‘City of New Orleans’

From the Mardi Gras ukulele open mic in  Plano, Texas

If I were in New Orleans today for Fat Tuesday, I'd be running the streets with my uke in hand — and a Sazerac and gumbo in my belly! But instead, I'm at the office with a black tea in hand and working on the Summer issue of Ukulele. Luckily, YouTube user zen times ten [...]

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Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie Talk Folk Uke, Their Famous Dads, and Uke-ing While Driving

Folk Uke Perform Live

by Peter Blackstock Three things about Folk Uke that you should know right off the bat: 1. They’re funny, but they’re not necessarily a comedy act. To wit: The Austin, Texas, duo has a tune called “Nobody Blues” that’s about finding a severed foot by the railroad tracks —but the sweetness in the harmonies of Cathy [...]

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Got a Hat? Got a Uke? Submit a Photo for the Summer Issue


If you've already devoured our Spring issue, you probably noticed that there's a new feature in the front of the book devoted to reader-submitted photos. It started with the idea that cats + ukuleles could win the internet and grew into an all-pets extravaganza that featured hairless guinea pigs, a hedgehog, a cockatoo, a bunny, [...]

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