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KoAloha’s Naupaka Tenor and Soprano Ukuleles

KoAloha Naupaka Ukuleles

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I first opened the boxes from Hawaiian ukulele makers KoAloha. Surprised to find mix-and-match tops staring back at me, I squinted, did a double take, and finally took a closer look at KoAloha’s new Naupaka ukes. The Naupaka bodies are made with two different woods: [...]

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Taimane Gardner: Reaching for the Stars

Ukulele-Star-Taimane Gardner © Shaun Edward.jpg

By Pat Moran Taimane Gardner is used to the ukulele being disrespected. “It happens everywhere, even in Hawaii,” the Oahu native says. “I get into a cab, they see my instrument case, and they ask me what I play. When I say ukulele, they say, ‘But what do you really do? How do you pay [...]

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Coca-Cola Commissions One-of-a-Kind Ukulele for Warren Buffett

Luthier Mark Roberts with Buffett's custom Coca-Cola ukulele

Portland-based luthier Mark Roberts, who builds custom ukuleles recognized for their tone and signature side sound ports, got quite a surprise in March when he received a message through his website regarding a new commission. It was from Coca-Cola’s advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy, asking Roberts to create a ukulele to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the [...]

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Ukulele Kids Club Provides Instrumental Healing

The Ukulele Kids Club helps hospitalized children recover through the power of the Ukulele.

By Francisco Alvarado  Photos by Jacob Katel A 15-year-old girl named Arabia slouches in a chair inside the pediatric intensive care unit at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a heart monitor bleeping behind her. When she spies music therapist Mary Brieschke coming down the hallway, Arabia straightens up and flashes a smile. Brieschke [...]

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Kala Introduces New Comfort Edge Tenors


Kala has added two new ukuleles to its already extensive line of 200 models. The Kala Comfort Edge Tenors are designed to allow a player’s forearm and wrist to rest comfortably on the edge of the uke while playing. The Comfort Edge comes in two editions, a standard tenor body (KA-SRT-CTG-E) and a Florentine cutaway (KA-SRT-CTG-CE). Both models are equipped with padauk binding accents, [...]

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Get to Know the Austin Ukulele Society

Austin Ukulele Society

By Amber von Nagel Ukulele players have a reputation for being quirky and expressive, so it’s no surprise that Austin, Texas, a city known for its quirkiness and expressiveness, would be home to such a large and devoted group of ukulele players, the Austin Ukulele Society. The AUS is led by Jen Brown, Walter Minkel, [...]

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