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Danielle Ate the Sandwich delivers a compelling documentary soundtrack

Danielle image

Edith Lake Wilkinson was a talented painter who graced the Provincetown, Massachusetts, art scene in the early 20th century and created a remarkable portfolio of work. Wilkinson was committed to an asylum in 1924—thanks in large part to a corrupt family lawyer who objected to Wilkinson's lesbian encounters—and was never heard from again. All of [...]

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Ukulele Club of Chinatown in San Francisco

Stephanie Jeong gleems with joy as she shows off her Kamaka at the Ukulele Club of Chinatown in San Francisco

In the heart of San Francisco’s bustling Chinatown district, the largest Chinese community outside Asia, the Ukulele Club of Chinatown meets to celebrate music from America and China. The club is organized by the Chinese Congregational Church, one of the oldest churches in the neighborhood, and takes place the third Wednesday of each month. All [...]

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San Francisco’s Uke-a-Thon honors the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition

Julie Ratner, with daughter Ellianah

February 20th marked the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE),the event that first brought uke mania to the mainland. To honor the occasion, San Francisco hosted a Uke-a-Thon on February 21, 2015 at the Palace of Fine Arts. Our photographer Erin Conger was there to capture all the fun. This article originally appeared [...]

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The World of Custom Ukuleles

Ko`olau Deluxe top

By Adam Perlmutter Many years ago, the multi-instrumentalist Marcy Marxer found herself dismayed by the predominance of subpar ukuleles on the market. She decided to take matters into her own hands. Throughout the next decade, she appealed vigorously to instrument companies to step things up. “The ukuleles my students were playing in the late ’70s [...]

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Sid Hausman needs land— lots of land— and a ukulele, too

Sid Hausman

By Karen Peterson “Most Western songs have a lot of chords,” says the ukulele-playing cowboy Sid Hausman. “Ukes are perfect for that.” For audiences unaccustomed to the ukulele being front-and-center in Western music, hearing it today can be a pleasant surprise. As one New Mexico DJ wrote in an email after she received a copy [...]

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Kimo Hussey Discusses New Album

Kimo CD

The esteemed uke player and teacher Kimo Hussey has a delightful new 12-song set, Low G, that showcases the unique harmonic possibilities of playing in low-G tuning. More than a terrific listen, the album is also intended as a "means of teaching ukulele." Each of the songs utilizes a distinct playing technique, so that players [...]

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